Another thousand years later, one day, a strong wind blew a drop of manna onto the spider web. The spider looked at the nectar, and saw that it was crystal clear and bright, very beautiful, and immediately fell in love with it. The spider looks at the nectar every day. It thinks it's the happiest days in three thousand years. All of a sudden, there was a strong wind again, which blew the nectar away. The spider suddenly felt lost, and felt very harmonious. At this time, the Buddha came again and asked the spider, "in the past 1000 years, you can think about this question: what is the most precious thing in the world?" The spider thought of the nectar and said to the Buddha, "the most precious things in the world are" not available "and" lost " The Buddha said, "well, since you have this understanding, I will let you go to the world once." In this way, the spider was born to an official, became a rich lady, and named her spider. In a flash, the spider is sixteen years old. She has become a graceful girl. She is very beautiful and charming. On this day, Sgt. Lang Ganlu, the new number one scholar in science, the emperor decided to hold a celebration banquet for him in the back garden. There are many young girls, including spiders, and Princess Changfeng, the little princess of the emperor. The number one scholar Lang performed poems, songs and Fu at the banquet, and presented his talents. All the girls present were overthrown by him. But arachnid is not nervous and jealous at all, because she knows that this is the marriage given to her by the Buddha.